Cursed Love (Aaron...
By PhoenixSlayer987
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Aaron was once his villages strongest guard in his village working hard,raising his own family life was perfect for him. That was all said too soon when Okhasis had attacked unexpectedly causing many to fall including his precious family, yet they did not kill Aaron... Only cursed him to be the demon within him at times in need not just that but never can he learn to love again.... He has traveled far and long to rest until he found a place called Phoenix Drop this place to him felt like home once more. He has been on many journeys with Aphmau putting him and others in many danger.... 15 Years has gone by ever since he was in the Irene Dimension and as soon as he came out rumors spread of a young yet strong warrior by the name of (Y/n) came from the heavens above herself, that she is ever so perfect in every and anyways possible that she had the "Easy life". But little did they know that she was from a family of strength, since she was on the first nobility charts she was trained hard and brutal. Far and wide she traveled from villages and kingdoms to train mountains to mountains she has never felt like she was loved by her parents but only used to become stronger and stronger and truly claim her title as "The Last Warrior" She had finally returned to her home but when she did it was nothing but a trap, her family captured her and locked her away into the deepest cellar as possible. Rage consumed poor (Y/n) making her go into a rampage breaking everything in her line of vision. Running away which felt like forever she could run forever as long as she could until she stumbled upon a place called Phoenix Drop.... Will (Y/n) be able to break Aarons curse?

-Chapter 1-

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Cursed Lo...
by PhoenixSlayer987