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By CrownClown14
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One-shots of D.Gray-Man. I also do requests occasionally! Be warned that I am a Yaoi fan so I actually will have different pairings in these one-shots (I'll make sure to add in the pairing(s) in the Author's note (at the top) if there is a pairing for a specific chapter). So this series have multiple pairings that I like!(example(s): Poker Pair, Neallen (*cough*My OTP*cough*), Yullen, etc.) So if I have a pairing in a specific chapter that you don't like/approve of well...shove it I really don't care (maybe a little >.>) But there shouldn't be any pairing/kink shaming it's rude and will not be tolerated. Warnings may vary by chapter, thought I may add kissing/making out sometimes, I WILL NOT add anything too provocative/mature and if I do it will be it's own separate story/one-shot.

I Will Return

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D. Gray-M...
by CrownClown14