Exposed || Camren
By youshouldbeproud
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With only senior year left, Lauren wants to get out of high school and into the real world where she aspires to be a journalist. But her inability to speak publicly, along with students picking on her, Lauren's future is at stake. Her only chance of graduation falls on her journalism class, where she's instructed to interview Camila Cabello. The town's prolific beauty pageant queen Camila seems to have everything she could need. From the high school sweetheart to a good GPA to natural good looks, she has it all. Everyone either looks up to her or wishes they could be her. Camila couldn't be happier, or at least it seems. Camila hides a secret from everyone that could ruin her reputation as the beauty queen. A side of her she refuses to show. Lauren doesn't know when to let go of the past. Camila doesn't know when to be free. Love doesn't know any boundaries. camren manip: lernjergiships cover edit: youshouldbeproud

Chapter One: Rewrite

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Exposed |...
by youshouldbeproud