Not The Average Fri...
By GDB123
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Gerard is studying to become an English teacher, in his last year of college he is assigned to help teach an advanced English class at the nearby high school. Frank is a senior counting down the days to graduation, eager to get the fuck out of there and start living. The two hatch an unlikely friendship on the second day of school when a few students tease Gerard, while Frank stands up for him, wanting to show him that not everyone in the school is an asshole. Their friendship grows quickly, the new bond confusing Frank's earlier beliefs about himself. Frank likes girls, but that weird fluttery feeling he gets in his chest whenever Gerard smiles at him leaves him wondering, maybe he likes both. Gerard is openly gay, leaving Frank with a wandering mind, putting him in a few awkward situations he wished never happened. How far will their friendship go? What problems might they face? ////if you're looking for a smutty as fuck book this is not it, it will be cute and fluffy, hilarious and awkward, and if the smut happens, it will be further in the you guys know me though, they're definitely gonna fuck eventually .xoxo\\\ Cover by SeraphStarshine

School Is Back In Session

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Not The A...
by GDB123