Constellations Duri...
By luminaryhowell
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16-year-old Ivory barely remembers the sun flares that ravaged Earth when she was only three. Billions of people were wiped out. Cities were reduced to wastelands. Environments were obliterated. And now, thirteen years later, a lethal virus known as the Flare has brought mankind--or what's left of it--to its knees. Against the odds, Ivory survived it all, but as the Flare spreads like wildfire and people are reduced to cannibalistic monsters, it seems nowhere is safe. Then Ivory and hundreds of others are evacuated to a desolate city in a place called the Scorch--where they are left to go insane and kill each other. But when a group of guys appear from the desert and claim to be searching for a cure for the Flare, Ivory might just have a chance of escaping the grave that's been dug for her. | A fanfiction based off The Maze Runner series by James Dashner |

Prologue -- 11 Years Ago

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by luminaryhowell