Finding You
By kayjayqueen
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He takes another step forward and wraps his arms around me in a hug. Warmth fills me and soothes the parts of our body that touch. "Please," he mumbled in my hair, "you can't run away now. Not when I just let you in." Here in his arms, I don't want to leave anymore. I feel completely and perfectly safe. "You won't hurt me." I don't know if I mean that as a question or a statement. But he answers it. "No, I promise," he says. And I believe him. *•*•*•* Amber Garden's senior year has gone exactly as planned: get good grades, stay out of trouble, and have fun. But when she gets tangled in the life of the mysterious guy in her class, her reality gets flipped. She doesn't know what to expect, or how dangerous his secret really is. Join Amber as she deals with hot tempers, flirty friends, and secrets that could take a lethal turn.


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Finding Y...
by kayjayqueen