Worlds Apart
By KatrinaAuthor
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Sarah Evans has never travelled abroad her small country before, she has never been on a plane in her whole existence of 23 years and has never been anywhere alone. But that is about to change when she takes matters into her own hands. She has always dreamt of travelling to Los Angeles ever since she tuned into her fav Californian House and Reality Shows as a teen. Sarah has planned everything to a point... but what she doesn't realise is that she cannot always plan and control the unexpected.... P.S. Keep reading to find out more... PLEASE share, vote, recommend and post what you think guys!! I hope you like it ;) I dedicate this book to my sister - Bianca. Never let fear hold you back from achieving your dreams. No part of this text may be reproduced, transmitted, or distributed in any form by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, without the express written permission of the author. This story is in progress and will be published as an eBook once completed to download FREE from my website: Follow me on Twitter: @KatrinaAuthor Cover Design by Katrina Stephens Created on

Chapter 1

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Worlds Ap...
by KatrinaAuthor