Without A Trace 2:...
By CureBlossomGirl
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The story started with a shy and reserved girl who loved Akb0048 very much. The name of this girl is Furea Hoshina or Atsuko Maeda the 13th, the girl who we call Acchan! In this book I will show you a seed. This seed represents Acchan as a kenkyuusei and a beginner and her journey to her ultimate stage! As the seedling/Acchan grows she gives off more radiance and meets new people to become a flower bud. She is hit by the wind and the rain but something about her was the sun that shone over her bud until she soon bloomed into a beautiful flower, the flower named Atsuko Maeda. Once again I shall reveal her story though the mystery still remains. So please enjoy! Hello everyone! @CureBlossomGirl here! So do you like the description? I hope so! Anyways this new book is like FULL of surprises so stay tuned! I will also be adding more characters and stuff so I hope you like it! Also there will be a section at the end called 'AKB Talk'! So I hope you enjoy!

‚ô•Chapter 1- Furea Hoshina Reborn‚ô•

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Without A...
by CureBlossomGirl