Project Gemini (WAT...
By EmilyCharlotteCooledge
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Man created superheroes, and now they hunt them. A terror attack on London kills Britain's top geneticist and destroys life as nineteen year old Eva Saunders knows it. Soon she is at the center of a political conspiracy, and dragged into a dangerous game of the strong vs. the weak and man vs. god . . . The explosion sixty years ago separated the population into three categories: Humans - a score of 0% on the genetics scale. They have no superpower. Voids - a score of 50%. They have the potential. Or the worst: Pariahs - a score of 100%. They have the power. Eva has tested as Void all her life, missing the complete Pariah gene that would grant her superpowers at a moment's notice. But people with the gene are exiled, sent to the Badlands -- known as Zone-B -- in newly imprisoned Wales as punishment for their abilities. And they're fighting back. The only one to survive a Pariah attack on the British Headquarters for Genetics Screening she's recruited by the Prime Minister to work for the Humans. Tasked in aiding the secretive Detective Thomas Kingsley of the Metropolitan police in his race to catch the killers, the stakes rise and more than just a politician is on the line. Except Eva has her own problems, secrets hidden in her DNA, and it will push her to the very edge of the law. The fight for power has hit London. And it's spreading . . . THE PARIAH SERIES: BOOK ONE. Copyright © EmilyCharlotteCooledge 2015-2017 [Action / Science Fiction / Paranormal / Thriller.] Cover created by the talented @Carkann ! WINNER of the Wattys 2016 New Voices award! x

Project Gemini

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Project G...
by EmilyCharlotteCooledge