Arising Fate
By Darkened_Forests
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • angels
  • curse
  • darkness
  • demons
  • evil
  • fae
  • fantasy
  • folklore
  • goblins
  • love
  • magic
  • powers
  • prophecy
  • romance
  • youngadult


Trapped within the land of dreams, a beast shall awaken; Demonic and evil, heroes forsaken. But beneath the full moon, lies a shimmering star; A curse darkens the path, cast by Angels afar. Clock beating quickly, death close behind; Until all things unfold, the planets again align. When time stands still, all the world will collapse; Unless they discover in time, the keys to one's past. Plagued by livid dreams that are coming true, a dark power she has yet to control, and left without any memory of her past, Lillian is thrown into the supernatural world to fend for herself. Will she be able to survive, control her powers, and hold onto her humanity before her fate comes knocking? ~~~~~~~~ Arising Fate is a thrilling fantasy story that plunges the reader into a world that thrives on beauty and terror. Its focus is on the development of a new supernatural creature who has been made from contradictions. A creature who is both demonic and angelic, who craves annihilation and death but who also desires life and beauty. Arising Fate is about how one finds the beauty and ribbons of light within the darkness. It is a book and concept that I have been developing for five years now and has been based on personal stories and experiences. All of us have seen tragedy, experienced loss and pain. Yet, despite all of it, the lucky ones have found a way to push past that darkness towards the light. Arising Fate deals with the battle of one's own mind on multiple platforms. Each characters' experiences have shaped who they have become and who they are becoming as some search for that light and others get trapped beneath the shadows. I hope you all enjoy


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Arising F...
by Darkened_Forests