Southern Saturday N...
By hallonn23
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Allyson Reed shapes her life to make her parents proud, but whenever she's with Daxson Winters, the star wide receiver with a troubled past, her perfectly-crafted existence crumbles at the seams. ***** Allyson Reed is a guilt-ridden southern belle with her sights set on freshman year at the University of Alabama. Daxson Winters is the star wide receiver with a traumatic past who's completely wrong for her, at least that's what her parents think. The more Allyson discovers about Daxson, the harder it becomes to deny her attraction. She knows falling for him will expose the flaws that her family has tried so hard to hide, but what she doesn't know is if Daxson opens his heart to her in return, it could mean losing everything. Warning: This story contains material that may be inappropriate for some readers. If you are sensitive to violence, eating/mental disorders, strong language, acts of racism, or sexual harassment please read on with caution. Cover by @witchoria Copyright © 2019 Taylor Hallon

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by hallonn23