The Roommate from H...
By HoneytotheBee
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Chivonn's a girl in her mid-twenties working a mediocre job struggling just to get by. Her brother Bryan is a father of two young children is also struggling after his baby mama kicked him out and sliced his paychecks up with child support. The two siblings realize they are better off living together than struggling on their own. Chivonn feels safe with her brother and the living arrangement is working out perfectly.... ....until the day Bryan's childhood friend Michael Jackson, gets released from prison and becomes the roommate from hell you just can't get rid of. He's bad, he's dangerous, and often lets his pride get in the way of doing what's right. There are a few good things about him, though. He's got a secret soft spot for children and just so happens to have one of the rawest talents the world will ever see. But will the world get to see it? Or will his talent be wasted... Forever lost to the streets...

Can He Stay for a Few Days...Maybe a Week?

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The Roomm...
by HoneytotheBee