Ms. Billionaire mee...
By belindap29
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Meet Alice Alexandra Weiss, the most powerful girl in America. She owns companies all over the America. She is known as the girl with cold heart, but her employers know her true colour and that she just hate when people don't do what they are asked for, but she always gave them second chances. She believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Meet Kristopher Pendragon, the most powerful man all over the world. He owns companies all over the world. He is more worst than Alice. One wrong move, you're dead and talk back, you're dead. Kristopher is also known as a man whore. Buys girls to fuck. What do you think will happen when the both powerful people meets? What will happen if Kristopher tried to claim Alice? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You are min Alice Alexandra Weiss! No one else!" Kristopher stated while gripping my wrist. "No one owns me but me Kristopher! What happened two weeks ago is just a one night stand. One night stand means nothing will happen between the two people after that night and never see each other!" I spat at him. With that, he let go of my hand and stormed out of my office.

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Ms. Billi...
by belindap29