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Clarity, primarily known as soldier "A1" has been part of the HYBRD Military--a secret government military branch consisting of hybrid soldiers who are half human and half animal. A triple threat of being fast, strong, and intelligent, it is no wonder why the HYBRD Soldiers are the strongest in the world. Their talents have been used to protect world leaders and to fight in battles and wars. Living strict lives in secrecy, the hybrid soldiers are kept from having mates and children. They take orders from the higher ranks and train for most of their lives until their deployment is over. Of course, no one has known about their existence...Not even the NSO, the New Species Organization. Founded seven years ago, the NSO are hybrids as well. Made from genetic engineering of splicing animal DNA and human DNA, the New Species are some what different from the hybrid soldiers, being created and not born. They grew up as test subjects for Mercile Industries only to be rescued many years after their start in this world. Their existence had been unknown to the civilian population and NSO until Clarity, aka A1, was severely injured on her mission and mistaken as a New Species herself. Taken to NSO to be treated, none of the staff can figure out where she came from, and she knows much about them and the outside world... Who is A1? Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction of the wonderful "New Species" series by Laurann Dohner. The concept belongs to Eloras Cave, but the written material and story line here belongs to me. Only this finished product is mine.

Authors Note

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Clarity [...
by muses_