Trick Or Treat. A J...
By XxParadiseLostxX
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Hally Ween is the spirit of Halloween. With her busy immortal life of planning Halloween and with the help of her Halloween Helpers she makes Halloween the fun happy hoilday that it is. Every year Hally goes to a different place in the world. Where ever she feels a place needs a little Halloween spirit. But when she ends up in Burgess, the home of the Imfamous Jack Frost and meets him she finds a spark between them. But with Pitch back and looking to steal away Hally's Happy Halloween's and replace them with Nightmareish nights so that he can become more powerful Hally's life goes for a bit of a spin. Will Jack and the fellow Gaurdians be able to help Hally save her hoilday from Pitch Black's evil plans? Read to find out ;)

Trick Or Treat. A Jack Frost Rise Of The Guardians Fanfic

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Trick Or...
by XxParadiseLostxX