The Beast Enslaved
By I_think_in_writing
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TEMPORARILY ON HOLD "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight we have 19 pieces up for auction, and I can tell you, it's going to get interesting. We have quite a number of exotics even the one or other natural dominant." The audience laughed at a joke I didn't understand. "Josef?" I asked quietly, as to not direct too much attention to me. "Yes Cathy, darling?" "What exactly is the merchandise here?" I asked, no longer able to contain my curiosity. Just then, a long row of chained, gagged and blindfolded men and women was ushered onto the stage. "Slaves, dear. Slaves." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When submissive and shy Cat Eclestia is taken to an auction in the High Society Underground of New York by her "fiancé" (one she hasn't approved of but her father is hellbent on marrying her off to) she expects stolen goods, drugs even. What she doesn't expect is to walk out the proud owner of a man they call "The Beast". Especially not when her goal was to keep her head down and wait until she can free herself from the golden cage her domineering father has put her in all her life. Now she has to deal with owning a slave that is not only broken, agressive and entirely dominant, but also handsome and alluring. --------- MATURE CONTENT - BDSM - DON'T LIKE DON'T READ -----------


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The Beast...
by I_think_in_writing