Just Another Day (...
By snowflower1233
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Star butterfly is known as the cute , strong princess from another dimension ... Marco Diaz is known as a cute , safe kid from earth ... What happens when they meet ? Friendship ... BUT Friendships like these are bound to spark up some romance ... It's inevitable.... So what happens when star butterfly a princess that doesn't need saving falls in love with a normal earthling ? Love , jealousy , happiness , awkward moments , pain , heartbreak happens ... She didn't need saving He didn't need to do the saving But everyone needs saving ... They were meant to be ... But life can't stand anything perfect ... He tries his best to show everyone he's worthy of her ... She tries her best to show everyone he's great just the way he is ... They try and try ... Even if they just 15 ... They know what they're doing ...

First day

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Just Anot...
by snowflower1233