11 Dimensions
By AshGalaxy
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Highest rank in Sci-Fi: #2...(hit on 20-7-2017) The human civilization will be obliterated in 5 years, say famous NASA scientists. Mars is being hurtled towards Earth, and when it collides, both planets will be completely demolished, and the mass collision will leave nothing but a few groups of rocks in the inner solar system. To continue the human race, there is only one option: to leave Earth, our home planet. Three people embark on a dangerous mission to save mankind. The entire human race will perish or live, depending on these three unknown fighters. On a nuclear powered spaceship, they race to another universe through a black hole. It's a fight against the fourth dimension: time. Will there be a place mankind can call home? *Drum roll please.......* READ TO FIND OUT! Still not completed, so tips, positive or negative are welcome. Please comment! P.S- The first chapter's not great, but please read the next chapter, and I think you'll like it. Also cover credited to Canva. Disclaimer: While reading this novel, you might find striking similarities between this and Interstellar. You may note that both plots focus on interstellar travel to sustain life among new realms. However, the characters' experiences do not revolve, in any shape or form around any factor of the movie. I have simply drawn inspiration from the idea and formed my own tale, purely from the depths of my imagination. Isn't that was all of us here do? Ash


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11 Dimens...
by AshGalaxy