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When Vega Moore was 13 her mother was murdered by a crime lord with a grudge against her father. After the tragedy the two moved from the town of Parkville Florida to Detroit Michigan. Her father needed a break from work and she needed therapy, so he went back to being a street cop and she took up kickboxing and the help she knew she needed. Four years later and their back. Back to their town, her father back to his job, and Vega back to the high school she would have been in if it wasn't for the move. But what happens when the girl who the whole town knew..wasn't what they remembered? What happens when the girl who used to catch butterflies and pick flowers with her mother turns up as a dark haired danger with a sense of justice she can take just a bit too far? When she walks with gait befitting a predator more than a girl? When she takes being good to borderline deadly? And then what happens when she collides with the son of the man she credits for destroying her life? Trouble.

Ch 1: Having Sex With the 28 Year old Man Responsible for my Mental Health.

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by poltergeist_people