The Left-Fielder
By _reinaah_
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The same writer who wrote "Living the Homestuck Life" now brings Wattpad, "The Left Fielder". "The Left-Fielder" is influenced by Daiya No Ace, written and illustrated by Yuji Terajima. "The Left-Fielder" is about a young, adolescent girl who joins a foreign baseball team through an international scholarship. She struggles to find the right place and tries to fight head-on the daily stumbles that she will come across. Besides being a young girl playing a boys' sport and facing opposite teams, she will face more challenges down the road: discrimination, loneliness, and self-conflict. However, this young girl knows that she is just like any other person and will prove to her team and everyone that she is more than an American girl who is a left-fielder. Alexandra Portugal will bring her team to the top to become the strongest - that's a promise. -------- Understanding that this scenario is unrealistic and fictional, I would like to say that I want all my readers to be inspired to do the unimaginable. I would love everyone to read this and be able to reach the highest of mountains. You can do anything. It shouldn't matter who you are, where you're from, or anything else. If you're mind seeks it, then reach it. This story is PG/PG-13: dramatic scenes, slight language, and some things may be triggering (death, panic/anxiety attacks, and PTSD will be mentioned). Updates may be slow, but planning on updating every Friday/Monday.

Where It All Begins

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The Left...
by _reinaah_