A brother's bond (B...
By Painter50210
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Kaden And Kasper Are Brothers. Kaden is 2 years older then kasper. There parents are divorced and they live with mom and here new husband.The brother bonnd they hold is deep, Kaden would always ask, how was you day and want some ice cream? Years Later kaden has changed, He now is a popular person, and dosent care about his brother. Kasper moves in with his father Kasper is sad, his bond with his brother is broken. So kasper does what any kid would do.(not any kid would do this but its just part of the story) Drugs. sex. He became a hore, sleeping with any guy or girl. There dad is broken down and the main reason he turned to this. So when he goes to his mothers... And kaden see's what kasper has become. He becomes determine to bring the old kasper back, even if it means kissing him like no tomrrow!

A brother's bond: Chapter 1: The Past

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A brother...
by Painter50210