The Long Game.
By rhymeswithbensavage
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Maya and Josh are a couple you'd never think would happen. Maya Hart; Free spirited, rebellious, smart, creative, goofy, troublesome. Broken. Maya loved the Matthews family; they were whole hearted kind people that did the best for everyone. They practically raised her. Treated her like a daughter, as well as their own daughter Riley Matthews. The greatest friend Maya could have ever asked for. Then, Maya meets Joshua, Riley's teenage uncle. Free spirited, kind, smart, charming, funny, determined. Joshua sole goal was to get into collage and get a career. Maybe meet a few girls, date a little bit. He never expected for a witty blonde to be chasing after him. Nor did he expect his thoughts to constantly wander to her. Maya thought of Josh as a distraction. She didn't realize she was falling till it was too late. Josh thought what him and Maya had was a game. He didn't realize that spending time with her would change that. The only problem. Josh was three years older then Maya. What happens when the pair find themselves spending more time together? What happens when they begin to learn more about each other? What happens when they begin to trust each other? Dedicated to #joshayaweek • COMPLETED.


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The Long...
by rhymeswithbensavage