The Truth In Our Li...
By Day2780
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Life itself wasn't intriguing any more for the pink haired ninja. In fact it was extremely boring, for Sakura. Everything was changing while she was the only thing remaining the same. Over the years she grew stronger, more beautiful and respected ... but no one noticed how on the inside she was crumbling. Just trying to make her way in life, running to catch up with that team that, left her behind. She gave up. She left Konoha, because she knew she was strong and that they were never going to notice her. Walking for days on end, she bumped into an old enemy. The puppet seeing the potential in her and the emotionless eyes, he decides to bring her to the Akatsuki. She finds love and hope. Also her past was fake?!? Sasori is her brother?!?!? She's an angel?!?!?!?!?!?? What is going on?!?!

Chapter •1•

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The Truth...
by Day2780