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By onmyside
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5 Seconds Of Summer. The band everyone has been talking about. When an offer to tour the United States appears, they accept immediately. On their last concert on the tour in Miami Beach in Florida, drama arises and one of the band members needs space. Roaming the unfamiliar area, he finds a deserted, peaceful beach. Strange things happen in Miami Beach, but who said one of these weird encounters can't happen to Michael Clifford. When one of them happens to him, he unexpectedly turns into a midnight black kitten. Michael uses his new powers to his advantage; he starts sneaking around and eavesdropping on important conversations. He discovers secrets that threaten to break the band apart and destroy their careers. What will happen to their friendships? Their music? Not only will their careers be in danger, but also their lives and the ones they love. But most importantly, what will Michael do about it? And how will he deal with the loss of his closest friends. One choice will change Michael's life, and the ones of those around him.. (i wrote this when i was like 14 pls don't read i only published it again so my friends can read it and make fun of me)


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Kitten (5...
by onmyside