Until you Save me
By JoJoStoleMyCookies
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Seventeen year old Brooklyn Amaya is haunted by the endless emotional and physical pain from her childhood. And just as she begins to overcome that a dangerous boY who works as a Tracker for the Mafia swoops into her life and her off her feet. Little does Brooke know that getting involved with him could either be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare... And a BIG thanks to BOOKCOVERS for making my...you guessed it! Amazing book cover!!! Thanks bae <3 ________________________________________________________________________________ I watched,horrfied, as the man screamed and begged for his life. "PLEASE! SeƱor! Por favor, tenga misericordia! AHHHHHHH!" The man wailed as Adrian sliced the knife across his throat. Who is this boy? This monster? I screamed, scared for my own life. Adrian turned towards me, various emotions flitting across his face. Confusion...Worry...and finally...Rage. . I turned around and ran, and i yelped when i felt him grab me from behind. "NO! LET GO OF ME!". "i know what you saw, and i'm not gonna sit here trying to tell you 'its not what you think' because it's exactly what you think". "So its true, you kill people for a living?" "Si, it's my job. I work for the Puerto Rican Mafia". i couldn't breathe. "You-You! YOU LIED TO ME?" i couldn't seem to stop crying. "Are you going to kill me too? For knowing?" He stroked my cheek with his bruised but not bloody hand. "Mi queria, i would never harm you. I'm so sorry that you had to see that. Please believe me when i say that i do not harm innocent people. That man was not innocent. If anything, I swear I will protect you". And for some reason, looking into his eyes, i believed him. So when he leaned towards me, his bloodied knife still in his hand, i didn't flinch...a mistake on my part.....

Prologue( ^^this is Aiden 'yummm')

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Until you...
by JoJoStoleMyCookies