Hailie-Storm: Rescu...
By PirateCaptainZero
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**Wattpad Featured Story** Hailie has been on the run for five years from the very man she wants to kill. When the town she was staying in was attacked by pirates, Hailie joins the crew of the Sea Fog to rescue her friend who had been taken, but rescuing him from fierce pirates turns out to be the least of her problems. Those stories her father told her might not be stories after all and the notebook he left in her care could be more important than she'd ever thought possible. Now she has to save her friend, discover the secrets between the pages and have her revenge but things get more and more complicated when the very man who can help her may be the most dangerous pirate that ever lived with secrets of his own and more than a little interest in her. Rated PG13 for violence (it is a pirate story) Highest Ranking: #2 in Adventure (7th September, 2017.)

Chapter 1: The Crew of the Sea Fog

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by PirateCaptainZero