His Untamed Heart
By sweetblunch
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He desperately wants to escape his birthright... Enzo Fiorenza doesn't want to have anything to do with his powerful family. After his parents' death he feels that he doesn't fit in anymore that's why he threw himself in the army to make useful of his worthless life despite his uncle's protest. But his life was about to change when death nearly caught up with him once again making him lose his memory but this might just be this wary soldier need right now a fresh start to find a reason to live. She desperately wants to save her birthright... Willow Kinsella doesn't want to lose her family ranch due to a huge debt her father left behind after his death. She's doing everything to save the ranch it doesn't help the fact that her ex-boyfriend slash owner of the neighboring ranch is pressuring her to sell her land to him. She would die first before selling her beloved ranch. But one night she found a wounded stranger in the forest with no memories of his past. Will he be the one who will save her from all of her problems or perhaps just another man who would bring heartache in her already shattered heart?

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His Untam...
by sweetblunch