The Pharaoh's Whore...
By Elizabeth_Block
  • Historical Fiction
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Ife, just another mistress to Great Pharaoh, Ptolomey XII Alutes, finds herself in grave danger when her lover flees the country when a plot is discovered to assassinate him. She finds herself in constant fear for her life, the self proclaimed Queen, Trypheana and Bernice, both daughters of the pharaoh, when they threaten to sentence her to death if she doesn't renounce that Ptolomey was unfit to rule, and that they are the rightful and divine rulers of all Egypt. Ife can only trust 2 people, the younger daughters of the Pharaoh, Aisöne and Cleopatra. If it couldn't get any worse, Ife finds out that she is pregnant with the Pharaoh's child. Ife means love in Egypt, so will she stay true to her love, the Pharaoh, or will she succumb to the Queens for her life?

Chapter 1

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The Phara...
by Elizabeth_Block