All of Me Loves All...
By TeresaDPatterson
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Evelyn Williams has always been overweight. Even now, she still has a problem keeping the weight off. When she decides to take pole dancing for fitness, she never expects a man to train her. Evelyn's instructor is Terrell Wertz. Terrell is gorgeous and fit. It's obvious that he's out of Evelyn's league. Futhermore, he probably wouldn't even look twice at a big chick like her, which makes her even more determined to lose the extra pounds. Terrell is enticed by the pretty-faced, thick chick he has to train. He can tell she has a low self-esteem and probably thinks guys like him wouldn't go for girls like her. She couldn't be more wrong. He wasn't always drop-dead gorgeous and muscular. Can he teach Evelyn about loving herself even at her current size? ----- ***This is a novella, so it's short. I'll be posting all of the chapters. Please bear with me. If at any time you become impatient with waiting, you can always purchase All of Me Love All of You from: Amazon: Google Play Books: Smashwords: You can get the paperback version from CreateSpace: CreateSpace:

Chapter One

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All of Me...
by TeresaDPatterson