My Lady Boss Book 4...
By DJBiancafrost
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My Lady Boss episode 4 continues with the story of the two people who didn't expect that love might come between the two of them. For Ava, only fools believe in the thing so called "love'. Love makes people stupid at times - and she doesn't want to end up like her father. For Radd, love is just a word wrapped in plain pink and red ribbons, only an imaginative little bow kid named Cupid St. Valentine believe. And he for one, don't believe it will happen to him - not then, not now - not ever. Now what is going with his heart as he's now in trouble looking after his sexy boss? Why can't he stop his heart from beating so loudly just by looking at her pouty lips commanding her thousands of work? Damn it, the lady boss might be a snow queen - but he'll soon find a way to make that cold hearted lady boss a passionate lady cougar. soon - in his arms.

My Lady Boss Book 4 (radio series by Djbiancafrost)

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My Lady B...
by DJBiancafrost