I Danced With The D...
By paigebuhler
  • Teen Fiction
  • action
  • badass
  • gangs
  • killing
  • loving
  • violent


Nikki Wolfe is one of the most dangerous people in the world. She comes first in street fighting. She comes first in the gang leader world, nobody dares stand up to her. She can kill you and not even flinch. When she was six there was a terrible accident. Her dad, the mafia king, got himself and her mother killed. Causing Nikki to be left with her little brother mason the adorable one year old. Nikki vows to kill who ever was involed in killing her parents. One thing is missing though, her emotions. She barely has any. She never cry's barley laughs and smiles but one emotion is never left out. Anger. Her anger can get the best of her sometimes. When Jack Knight comes into her life what will happen? Nobody knows except the future.

Chapter 1 |New house new life

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I Danced...
by paigebuhler