My Best Friend's Bo...
By Nutmegaladon
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"You don't get it do you? This is wrong, I can't do this to Maya, Krys." I couldn't say I minded the ever-so-small amount of space there was between us. "Kadyn... You and I both had something before her and I, and you know it." He breathed in my face. I felt his arms tighten around my waist as he began to close the distance that didn't seem to exist between us. I couldn't think straight. I looked at the poster on the wall and swallowed hard. Even in the lack of light in this empty classroom he sure was gorgeous... "But she doesn't know that." I tried to fight the tears. No matter how right this might have felt, I knew it was w-. Out of no where he kissed me, right on the mouth this time. I groaned at the gesture... But didn't push him off. I'm so going to Hell...


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My Best F...
by Nutmegaladon