The Deity (Hiatus)
By MartyCameron
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Michael Everett is a demigod who lost his grandparents to a crazy man who made a contract with an ashuri, a race of evil beings. Deciding that no one should suffer the loss of a loved one because of the ashuri, Michael sets out to correct the mistake of the gods. He must gain power through a contract with a god in order to put an end to the ashuris' terror. But deep inside him he possesses a power that could kill his loved ones or worse, destroy the entire universe. Now he must face the forces of the ashuri, with the hopes that he doesn't bring about complete annihilation. Cover done by me and @jinbell1337 (Art Direction) and @Tegan1311 (Color Palette Direction) Summary Edit by @masheena

Author's Notes

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The Deity...
by MartyCameron