Corruption MxM
By Shifting2wolf
  • Fantasy
  • abuse
  • accusations
  • bxb
  • convicts
  • corruption
  • false
  • gay
  • gaylove
  • lgbt
  • murder
  • mxm
  • pack
  • police
  • prison
  • shifters
  • werewolves


Corruption That was the reason why the hammer crashed hard on wood, why the judge sneered down at him or why he felt his heart sink heavily in his body. He could faintly hear the crowd stand up and cheer, wicked delight in their eyes as they watched him getting dragged away. In their eyes, he was a murderer, a coldblooded killer that had slayed the pack leader's son in cold blood. In truth, he had come home to find that dispicable mutt trying to use his status to force his little sister. Enraged, Ben had thrown himself on the wanna be rapist and had let his animal take over, ending up killing the arrogant pup. Ben had felt no regret for saving his sister and had spat out the truth in the face of the leading Alpha and the pup's father. Sadly, the powerful man also held deep connections and had made sure that Ben was painted as a bloodthirsty murderer out for the lives of the innocent. Now he was sentenced to a lifetime on an island far away from civilasation. An island that was filled with true murderers, the worst of shifter kind. As he was shoved head first into the small jailer boat, all Benjamin could do was pray. And hope for a miracle.


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by Shifting2wolf