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By khushiathought
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After a long time of waiting, Lauren Lewinsky can't wait to get home. Yes, we're talking about home, sweet home. The kind of home that you always feel welcome in, where there are cups of hot cocoa and bags of candy placed on every shelf. But when Lauren stands in front of her childhood home, things just don't feel the same. Not to worry, because she's got things covered! A good, ol', trusty prank should do the trick. After all, things couldn't possibly mess up...right? Lauren and her family both have different surprises to give each other, but will a fully planned prank goes as they desire or someone else will gives them their lifetime prank? ---------------- Surprise prank copyright©starhavens™2015 Surprise prank cover copyright©starhavens™2015 ----------------- -Cover by @anna-mo -Edited by @Akiko_Mia © Copyright 2015-2016 All the work is property of Starhavens (@Starhavens) Any duplication or reproduction of all or any part of the work without explicit permission by the author is illegal.

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by khushiathought