More than just an A...
By Clawdeenh1gh
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Almost like my other story: Gang Love~ [H2O Delirious X reader]. This was requested my a fan. [Appreciated Comments of Gang Love] @syaqilahaqilah: Amazing story!! I loved it!! @MikaelaZommers: Ooooooooooo WOSH AMAZING @ReportedGf: I love it :) @tayislife: Very interesting chapter, good job. @Tyrone4us Don't Stop! Doin what your doin, cuz you know that I like it~ (silently cries of joy) @Cupcakelover52 This is awesome so far @LaughingWithKinves Look, Marcel, I thought you were pretty cool and all but now I wanna rip your throat and chop off your wank. I have a name. Use it. Evan, you can go to he|| and burn because I am NOT, and I repeat NOT a Lui! Because actually my first words were: 'F**k you' Sorry for the inappropriate language Author, Readers, Commenters but I had to. @SoTotallyNotInsane Ahh! Markiplier's here! I'm in love with this story, please update soon. @angelavon I cried at this part, I honestly did. @MiniLover18 OMG! Markimoo!! <3 [Reactions to this book] @Sparkleshe-catwolf Awesome!


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More than...
by Clawdeenh1gh