Arshi 5S : Mulakat...
By SriSsv
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He is way too mature from his childhood, but still he is a child in his Grandmother's arms. One fine day, when he went to receive his Grandmother, he saw her... a beautiful innocent girl. She is innocent, much like a kid. But the matter she revealed, way shocking to him and his GM. But still, he trusted her, he trusted his heart..., and supported her to prove her words. To know how, what, who, when, where - check the story once... Hope you will enjoy this Desclaimer: The characters in this story do not belong to me except some. But the story written throughout from the start completely my own imaginations. DO NOT COPY. No offense to anyone. My stories are completely MY OWN... I didn't copy from anywhere...

Mulakat Part 1

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Arshi 5S...
by SriSsv