Love Finds You
By hgrhln
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An exotic Indian girl and an Australian hunk. This is a story of two souls who were destined to be together for eternity. There are many people who come in our lives, some brings the good out of us and some bringing the worse, but then there are some who brings the best out us every time. A story of two people who are completely opposite, not only temperamentally but culturally as well. He never felt such a strong pull for any women and is determined to have her. She doesn't believe in marriage as much as she wants to believe in love. In a chance meet, sparks fly between the two creating uproar of emotions that can either make or break the relationship they wish to hold. He swears to have her and she denies the obvious attraction between them. Will she be able to cross the boundaries that separate them?. How far will desire take him?. Read the first part of the book under the title name as an extended summary. Afterall Great stories start at least possible places.

Love Finds You.

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Love Find...
by hgrhln