Outer Space
By -sapphiremoon
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He was born into another galaxy, one filled with love and joy. Everyone was happy, and all forms of love were accepted. There was no crime, and there was no hate, nor shame. Everything was perfect on his home planet. She lived on earth in one of the most reckless cities in America. Unhappy, lonely and troubled. Her family never got along, and her form of love consisted of one nights stands with anyone that could bother to stay. Everything was falling apart. But he was curious, wondering what it would be like to see another human from another world that was completely off limits to his kind. He soon would find out, willing to take the risk even if it cost him his sanity, and even his own life. •• Warnings: sexual content, self harm, and abuse. a little different from what I usually do, I still encourage you to read it. This isn't a fanfic. xx

Chapter One: dream drēm/

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Outer Spa...
by -sapphiremoon