Hanako ~
By daniphant0m_
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“All Hunters are born with a certain amount of vampire-like traits. There is the rare occurrence in which one is born with more vampire traits than the average Hunter. Very few of these Hunters exist, and I am one of them.” ~ Hanako Kazuyuki is one of those Hunters. The kind that live not nearly half as long as a Pureblood vampire, but more than twice that of a normal human. The kind that only exist in fairytales and myths. The kind that everyone wants to fear. She has lived her life alone and on the run, never being one person for too long. But when Hanako arrives at her uncle’s prestigious school, Cross Academy, everything changes. For once in her life, Hanako is happy in her own skin. She has friends who love her for who she is, and not what she is pretending to be. She has a permanent home with her friends, a fantastic job, and a chance at a normal academic career. Nothing could possibly dampen her spirits, right? Wrong.


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Hanako ~
by daniphant0m_