The Best Thing ||A...
By OutsidersObsessed_
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Kacie Jones, Soc by blood, and greaser by act, hates her life. Her mother killed herself when she was young, and her father ended up marrying her best friend's mother, ruining her relationship with Piper, her now step-sister. Piper is the Super Soc of the school, and out to ruin Kacie's life, because somehow, Kacie ruined hers. Kacie's popular. Kacie's smart. But Kacie's shy, and she does everything she can to stay away from her sister. In her junior year of high school, she does gymnastics and holds straight A's, other than in math, the one area she struggles. But just because she's active doesn't mean she has many friends. Until she's placed with Darry Curtis to be he math tutor. They've known each other forever, but this is when they really come close. When he becomes the best thing about her life, she takes the idea a little bit too far... *COVER CREDIT TO @DEACON-AND-I* {This is an Outsiders AU, meaning credit to all characters other than the ones I created go to S.E. Hinton, but the events that happened in her story will not here. The Curtis' parents are alive, and will stay that way, as well as Dally and Johnny.}

Chapter 1

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The Best...
by OutsidersObsessed_