Heir of Iron
By jsbangs
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Family secrets. Forbidden loves. An empire collapsing. Heir of Iron is an epic fantasy in a setting inspired by the history of ancient India. Visit my mailing list to get a FREE novella set in the same world: http://jsbangs.conlang.org/signup-form.html?f=wtp After two years of looking, Mandhi has found her long-lost brother Navran. This means that there's finally an male heir in her family who can take over her father's religious title, but more importantly, it means that Mandhi isn't responsible for bearing a new heir herself. And that means that she can elope with her bodyguard and lover. But things go wrong as soon as Mandhi marries. Navran turns out to be utterly disinterested in taking up his religious role, and his insouciance brings their father's attention back to Mandhi. Worse, rumors from the capital indicate that their sect has fallen back into imperial disfavor, which raises the specter of the pogroms and purges that their people suffered in decades past. Mandhi's attempt to save her family gets intertwined with betrayal, kidnapping, seers, imperial politics, and magical fire. Before long their family problems are intertwined with the fate of the empire itself.

Chapter 1: Mandhi

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Heir of I...
by jsbangs