The Journey Of A Si...
By ThePsychoMadHatter
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Who am I? The question Ashley Simmer asks herself everyday. She knew that she wasn't an ordinary wolf. She grew up living with her sister, Faith Simmer and her sister's mate, Alec Ryder. They had gone through a lot in the past and everything was going well. But not until Ashley finds out that she has more abilities than she thinks she has. She asks her sister, but her sister, but she keeps telling her that she was better off knowing nothing about anything. But Ashley wanted to know who she really was. She wanted to know why she was so out of the ordinary. She kept bugging her sister, asking why she's so different, but her sister kept changing the topic. One day she finally thought that it was enough already, and that she had to know who she truly was. Ashley decides to run away, although she knew that once she did that, she would become a rogue, but now nothing else mattered. She had to know who she truly was. There are a lot of twist and turns. Finding a mate, getting into trouble with hunters and much more than she can ever imagine. Secrets reveal themselves, blowing Ashley's mind, but Ashley stood put. She knew she had to finish the journey. The journey of a Silver Wolf.


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The Journ...
by ThePsychoMadHatter