Extra Darling
By oncers4life
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I took a breath and quickly wiped a stray tear from my eye, "I'm tired of living in their shadows, waiting for them to finally realize that I still exist. I tell myself to be strong, to ignore the pain that they cause me, but I can't. I love them. I love them and they don't love me." His face softened as he put a hand on my cheek and rubbed away another tear. I gave him a helpless shrug, "When will it be my turn for a happy ending?" ********* Everybody knows the story. Peter Pan flew to the nursery window of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling and took them all to Neverland where they had marvellous adventures filled with evil pirates, colorful mermaids, and brave Indians. Most would call it a classic. But there is nothing classic about this tale. Little do story tellers know, there was a fourth Darling child who lived in the nursery. Ophelia Darling was seemingly forgotten when her siblings flew to Neverland, and now she's more alone than ever. Her siblings have clearly shared an experience and made memories that she will never be able to compete with. Ophelia decides that there is nothing more vile in the world than the boy named Peter Pan, who stole her siblings from her. Join Ophelia Darling as she fights her way back into her siblings lives, and somewhere in the process, discovers that life is nothing like the way stories say it is. It's much more complicated than that. Copyright 2015 © | Oncers4life | All rights reserved Enjoy!


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Extra Dar...
by oncers4life