Fat Cinderella
By _Gasoline12_
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A wicked stepmother, Two jealous step sisters who are jealous of the oh-so-Amazing Cinderella and a hot prince dude who falls for her. Isn't that how the story goes? I related myself to the perfection called Cinderella when my Dad got married to the witch Margaret, when she brought in her evil daughters to our house, when my dad left for business trips and forgot he had a daughter. So, I grew up listening to the same old story of Cinderella and its many versions. All of these versions had one thing in common. She was drop dead gorgeous. I was not. Chances of an XXL Princess to meet her prince charming are almost Nil. But As the story goes, All It takes is one night. Just one single night that could destroy your fairytale. Hey, I am the fat Cinderella and this is my story of not finding my prince charming but myself.


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Fat Cinde...
by _Gasoline12_