My Deadly Mistake (...
By MandyQuinn96
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WINNER IN THE 2017 TV AND MOVIE AWARDS PRESENTED BY THE TVANDMOVIESOCIETY FOR BEST JEROME VALESKA FANFICTION. She made a promise to her mother. A promise to not fall in love with what her mother would call "a bad man". She vowed she would never get involved with anyone like that. She was going to make herself into someone who her mother would be proud of. He was the definition of insane. He loved chaos, he loved anarchy, he loved being in control. He wanted to be respected, he wanted to be feared, and he wanted to control Gotham. No where in his agenda was there room for romance. So what happens when these two cross and find themselves attracted to each other? Two individuals who realize that they really have no business with each other? *Book 1 of the Deadly Series starring Jerome Valeska from FOX's Gotham*


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My Deadly...
by MandyQuinn96