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The story revolves around the lives of two half sisters, Swara and Ragini. They abbreviate themselves as Swaragini. Swara hails from a Bengali family while Ragini belongs to a Marwari family. Soon, Laksh Maheshwari enters into the lives of the two sisters. Though Laksh is engaged to Ragini, he falls for Swara. Consequently, the alluring relationship between Swara and Ragini is ruined. Ragini turns evil in order to separate Swara from Laksh. Sanskaar Maheshwari, the brother of Laksh, also joins Ragini for his revenge. Sanskaar, who has been away from his family for 5 years, believes that Durga Prasad Maheshwari and his son, Laksh were the reason behind Kavita's death (Sanskaar's girlfriend). However, Sanskaar realizes his mistake and apologizes Starting: ragini truth revealed two loving half-sisters..one of whom is turned to enemy of her own sister in love... does love means snatching or can love happen more than once..is first love is true love or love has some other definition.. :)

1. Ragini truth revealed

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