Elemental Academy
By FlamingSilver
  • Fantasy
  • academy
  • air
  • earth
  • element
  • elemental
  • elements
  • fire
  • ice
  • lightning
  • magic
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  • mind
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On the planet known as Methoria, people known as Methorians all had the ability to control a single element, be it one of the main elements(Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Mind) or the sub-elements (Metal, Ice, Lightning). They are otherwise, known as elementals. Over half a century ago, there was a war between Darkness and Elementals. The darkness were consisted of shadows, who were unlike normal elementals, and were said to be evils me wanting to wipe out the whole race of elementals. About 500 years ago, a dark and evil shadow, known as The Ruler had been able to control and led the shadows to war. Fortunately, with the help of The Five, five people who were the most powerful of their elements each one with one of the main elements, had been able to conquer The Ruler and sent him to a deep slumber. It is said that The Ruler would awake one day once again, attempting to take over Methoria once again. That would be when a new generation of The Five would take the roles of the previous Five and save the planet from destruction. It has been 500 years since there was a war. All has been peaceful in Methoria for the past half a century... A fourteen year old girl, Ember, has been accepted to Elemental Academy, where students will discover their element and learn how to control them. This would be Ember's first year in Elemental Academy, where she would learn much more about her element, or should it be her elements. *Do note that this book is being rewritten and published as "Vanishing" under my profile!


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by FlamingSilver