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[Imminent; likely to occur at any moment; impending] Vanessa-Rachel Miles was a young girl when her family was taken from her. Held hostage. She was forced to grow up too fast. Left alone in her dark home, shaken and afraid, she turned to the one person she knew could never be taken from her. Bobby Singer. He was like a second father to her. She had given him a call and soon, she had been taken under his wing and taught how to hunt. From the age eight, she knew how to protect herself against almost anything that threatens her. It wasn't until she was eleven had she met the Winchesters. She wasn't trusting at first, but as time grew on, she began to spend more time with the two of them whenever John dropped them at the house. As they grew older, side by side, the three were forced to share an agonizing goodbye. And little did they know, they'd meet in an abrupt way and this time; The emotions are mixed. (c) Supernatural and characters belong to Eric Kripke (c) Vanessa-Rachel Miles belongs to me

Chapter 1; Prologue

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