The Elements
By PineapplePiner
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Cover made by the wonderful, @TheFabulousInsanity Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. The four elements, powerful and strong. Each element has their own land and people, and are forbidden to see or communicate with eachother. If done, it's a death penalty, no questions needed. And each land has their own sword that protects their land from any harm, and provides the powers and energy for the land. But the four power swords all go missing, and the lands are loosing energy by the second. Each leader of the elements must send one of their own children, to go on a dangerous journey to return the swords, and save the lands. And that means crossing the bridge. No one has ever crossed the bridge and returned, so the four girls must work together and accomplish the task. But no one said this would be easy, right? . . . . . . #637 in Fantasy *NOT EDITED* THERE WILL BE MISTAKES, WILL EDIT ONCE FULL STORY IS COMPLETE, THANK YOU!

Prologue: The Elements

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The Eleme...
by PineapplePiner